Thursday, November 29, 2012


During our recent trip to Arizona our friends took us by a funky little place for lunch:  Tiny's Family Restaurant.  Also known as Tiny's Saloon.  It was too crowded for any good photos, but was perfect for some good food.  Nothing fancy, burgers and fries.  But done right!

A few more photos:

We ate really well on this trip.  Tuscosn, Flagstaff....  all good!


Lucy Corrander - M2 said...

No guns! That, to me, is a startling notice.

Anonymous said...

Ah, well see Arizona is still part of the wild west - perhaps the only state in the country where anyone (over 18) can carry a concealed weapon without a permit. That was a bit startling to me when we first moved here (from the east coast), but in practice it doesn't have much effect. The crime/murder rate isn't particularly higher or lower here than anywhere else. However, if you're attacked by a rattlesnake or mountain lion, your gun will provide an effective defense. Or so the theory goes.