Thursday, January 31, 2013

You Don't Miss Your Water, Till Your Well Runs Dry

Yesterday morning (Wednesday) we woke up to no water at all.  Not even a gurgle from the taps.  Turns out that our entire village was out of water.  And that they had no idea where the break was or when they would be able to fix it!!  By Wednesday evening, they still hadn't identified where the break was, and speculation was that we'd possibly be out through the weekend.  So we "borrowed" 20-30 gallons of from the neighbor's (above ground) pool, so we could at least flush...  And the Village was giving out flats of drinking water, so be picked up some of that.  And borrowed quick showers from friends outside the affected area.  Ah, drama.

By mid afternoon today, they found the problem, and were working on repairs.  A couple hours later, and we have water!  Still under a boil order, and probably will be for a while.  Lots of appreciation for the folks who worked to find/fix the problem, and the folks who did what they could to help everybody out.  It was great to see people pull together.  But I'm glad that our adventure was not even 48 hours.

The post title is (of course) a reference to the song from the Byrds' classic album Sweatheart Of The Rodeo.....  The photo is from a few years ago, near Pontiac IL.

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