Saturday, February 02, 2013

Album Debuts, March 1973

Continuing the series from January and February, looking at albums released in January 1973
There were a lot of releases in March '73, but only 3 that I own.  Those three, however, were pretty big: 

  • Dark Side Of The Moon – Pink Floyd.  Perhaps the most iconic rock album of all time.  This one stayed on the Billboard album charts for almost 15 years.  Number 43 of Rolling Stones Top 500 Albums.
  • The Captain and Me – Doobie Brothers.  The middle album of the Doobie's great trio of albums from July '72 (Toulouse Street) to February '74 (What Were Once Vices Are Now Habits).  All three of these are in my list of favorites.
  • Houses Of The Holy – Led Zeppelin.  As the followup to Led Zep IV, HOTH still topped the charts, and ranks #148 on Rolling Stones Top 500 Albums.

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