Monday, March 04, 2013

Album Debuts, March 1973

Continuing the series (January & February), let's look at albums released in March of 1973:
Not so much in quantity, but pretty impressive from the standpoint of quality:
Only 3 releases I own, but they are a big 3:
  • Pink Floyd - Dark Side Of The Moon.  Perhaps the most iconic rock album ever.  741 weeks on the album charts.  Ranked #43 on Rolling Stones list of best albums.  I remember my listeneing to "Money" in Moddle School music class, the teacher talking about using everyday sounds as part of music composition.
  • Doobie Brothers - The Captain and Me.  Though not as "important" as DSOTM, this was the first in a long string of Top 10 album for the Doobies.   A solid album, with the Classic Rock classics "China Grove" and "Long Train Runnin'". 
  • Led Zeppelin - Houses Of The Holy.  Probably the 5th most popular of Led Zep's 8 studio albums, Houses Of The Holy still topped the Billboard album charts, and sold 11x Platinum.  It ranks #149 on the Rolling Stone list (#148 on the 2012 update) behind I, IV, Physical Graffiti and II, all of which are Top 100.

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