Monday, March 11, 2013

Remembering 2002 - Palm Frond

I was digging through some old boxes recently, and found a CD labeled "Photos - Relays and Industry"...  It includes a few hundred images from the 2002 <--> 2003 time frame, from various business trips.  Along with work related inages of electric substations and conferences are a several dozen from various side trips.

Most were taken with my first digital camera; a Kodak DC210.  When I bought it, it was the first digital camera with over 1MP available for undeer $500.  One review noted that Kodak had "achieved a quality level that reasonably matches conventional point and shoot cameras"...  But looking at these old images, I'm amazed at how mediocre the quality is.  Regardless, I've enjoyed browsing through them.

The above image is from Ocala National Forest in central Florida, from September 2002.  I was at a conference just south of Jacksonville, and made a road trip during a free afternoon.  Somehow I ended up almost 2 hours south, and missed dinner with my peers (whoops!).  Totally worth it, from my perspective.  This photo has pretty significant post-processing (obviously), which was my typical response to the limitations of the camera.

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