Sunday, August 11, 2013

Halls Of Fame

During last month's "Rust Belt Tour",we made excursions to the RockAnd Roll Hall Of Fame and the Pro Football Hall Of Fame.  [yes, I am that far behind on photo processing].

I'll highly recommend both!  We spent over 1/2 a day at each, and could've spent much longer.  I didn't take a lot of inside photos, as I was too busy being a tourist!  (you're welcome). 

The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame is in downtown Cleveland, on the Lake Erie waterfront.  Very cool architecture:

 That's my wife and my Sister-In-Law above.  It was trying to rain.  Heading in, I was a bit concerned thatit seemed a bit.... well...  small.  But not to worry, it is jam packed with stuff!  Including the special Rolling Stones exhibit!
A coupleof days later, we made the short trip to Canton, Ohio for the Pro Football Hall Of Fame. Fortunately, one of the first things you see is a short video explaining "why Canton?".  Which is good,because my son had asked me that very question during the drive.  I won't spoil it by disclosing the answer....

As it worked out, we were at the Pro Football HOF about 10 days before the 2013 induction ceremony.  So there was a bit of a buzz about the place. And lots and lots of displays, interactive and static. 

Again, I highly recommend both HOFs, if you're remotely interested in Rock Music or NFL Football.  Of course, I'm not "remotely" interested, I'm massively interested!!  As is my son.  I'm pretty sure my wife enjoyed them both,too...

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