Saturday, August 17, 2013

Table Rock Dam

Here's a very "postcard" image of Table Rock Dam, from last week's trip to Branson.  Or maybe "snapshot" would be more appropriate?  Regardless, they don't all have to be "Fine Art".

Table Rock Dam.  Designed and constructed 1954-1958, and operated by the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers, Table Rock Dam was created to provide flood control for the White and lower Mississippi Rivers and to generate hydro-electric power. And Table Rock Lake, of course.  The building on the far side of the dam,past the spillways, is the power house. Housing 4x hydroelectric generators, providing 200 MW of electricity.  It would take 100x wind turbines to provide as much power (and a steady wind!). Lareger version of this image is HERE.

The dam was just about a mile from the conference hotel, you can see it on the far right hilltop.

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