Thursday, February 13, 2014


So, one of my on-line haunts is a forum for bass players.  I figure I qualify; while not exactly a rocker (anymore), I actually do play in front of people just about every week.  Anyway....  There was a thread there recently about "Bands that need to retire… " and the The Who came up several times.  After pondering, I can see the point, sort of...    Call them the Daltry/Townshend band, or something, but maybe not The Who...  Or maybe it's not that big a deal...

Meanwhile, Almost 32 years ago I saw The Who, and my main recollection was thinking that they were good, but would've been awesome 9-10 years earlier.  And their 2010 Super Bowl appearanceWell...

All of which prompted me to look up that show from way back in 1982.  With the glory of the internet, I was able to find the exact date, and even the set list.  Almost.  Turns out they played 2 shows in September 1982 in Landover, Maryland.  September 22 and September 23.  I'm pretty sure I saw them on the first night (which was Wednesday).  But it's hard to remember.  Other than one switch in order, the only difference between the shows was the encore.

Here's the set-list.  Not quite "Live At Leeds", but it was certainly worth seeing.

  • Substitute
  • I Can't Explain
  • Dangerous
  • Sister Disco
  • The Quiet One
  • It's Hard
  • Eminence Front
  • Behind Blue Eyes
  • Baba O'Riley
  • I'm One
  • The Punk And The Godfather
  • Drowned
  • A Man Is A Man
  • Cry If You Want
  • Who Are You
  • Pinball Wizard
  • See Me Feel Me
  • 5.15
  • Love Reign O'er Me
  • Long Live Rock
  • Won't Get Fooled Again
  • Magic Bus (encore)
  • Twist And Shout (encore)
Hmmm, think I'll make an iPod play-list of that....


John Roberts said...

I saw them in Baton Rouge in the early 80s. I don't remember the year, but i know it was after Keith Moon had died. I was never a huge Who fan, but I figured they were one of the "biggies" that I ought to see if I had the chance.

LSqrd said...

Looks like they played Batin Rouge 7/7/80, a couple of years before I saw them: