Thursday, March 06, 2014

Music Humor?

I think I was in college when I first heard this one:

Q:  What did the Grateful Dead fan say when the drugs wore off??
A:  Wow, this music SUCKS!

To start:  If you're a "deadhead",  please don't take offense, it's just a joke.  I know some very nice folk who are fans of the Dead.  And that Dead fans are among the most passionate around.   And they are/were great muscians.   BUT, it is also true that I don't really "get" the Dead.  I do have half a dozen of their well known songs on my iPod, and they're fine songs. But that's enough for me. 

Meanwhile, I've been trying, giving them a shot, as it were.

Recently I noticed "The Grateful Dead Movie" on one of our cable stations, so I DVR-ed it.  I made it almost 1/2 way through before I gave up.  Not horrible, not offensive...  just...  well... boring.  Way too much random noodling...

And I listened to "American Beauty" on Spotify today.  It features several songs I know...  And it is.... well...  ok... I guess.  But a "Masterpiece"?  One of the top Albums of all time??  I can't see it.  But, frankly that's OK.  I'll probably try out Workingman's Dead, too.

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