Sunday, August 31, 2014


For my quick trip to Chicago last week, I ended up with a Kia Soul (rental).  A bright red Kia Soul.  Not exactly my style, I kind of cringed when they pulled it up for me.  I'm way too old, and way too uncool for such a ride.  I mean, I don't even LIKE hamsters...  But, ya take what they give you.

Verdict?  Not bad, actually.  It's a lot bigger than it looks, which I blame on the whole hamster thing.  It was comfortable, drove fine, got respectable mileage.  Nothing to complain about.  Except looking over that screaming red hood for hour after hour.  And feeling like an anthropomorphic hamster...  This would probably be a great car for somebody in their twenties....  Which I'm not.

The title is from J.J. Cale's song...

I sure like your movin',  It's got me to groovin'

Your slow rollin', rollin',  You got me to soulin'

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