Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Eight Miles High....

Well, actually 7.8 miles high (41,000ft).  Somewhere around Torrington, WY, in transit between Pullman Washinton and Belleville, IL.  Coming home from a meeting at corporate headquarters.  I thought these cloud formations were pretty cool.

The title is (of course) from the Byrds song. And while some people think it;s a drug reference, I think that's overthinking it.  The claim that it is about the band's trip/tour to England (starting with a transatlantic flight) makes much more sense,

Aside:   The Byrds was one of the bands that "birthed" supergroup Crosby Stills Nash  (and Young).  David Crosby came from The Byrds, Graham Nash from The Hollies and Stephen Stills (and Neil Young) from the Buffalo Springfield..  All great bands!

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