Friday, October 17, 2014

Genius #41,929

I have  alove/hate relationship with the genius function in Apple's iPod.  Right now we're leaning towards the "Love" side.  On my commute home last night, the playlist I was listening to ran out.  For simplicity, and as a test, I decided to just do a genius play list off the last song playing.  A test in that it was a less known song that I only recently purchased.  Sometimes Genuis chokes on that.

Anyway, it did create a playlist, and a really good one...  So I thought I'd share:

It Doesn’t Matter - Firefall
Visions - Eagles
Boulder Skies – Pure Prairie League
The Treasure – Stephen Stills And Manassas
Two Cents Worth - Kansas
Bound And Determined – Marshall Tucker Band
Go And Say Goodbye - Poco
Angel #9 – Pure Prairie League
Special Care – Buffalo Springfield
Sold On You - Firefall
Prisoner In Disguise – Souther Hillman Furay
Widowmaker – Poco
Spaceship Orion – Ozark Mountain Daredevils
Keeps Me From All Wrong – Marshall Tucker Band
Pursuit On 53rd Street – Doobie Brothers
Rain In Spain – Sea Level
Keep Prayin’ – Outlaws
Song In The Breeze – Outlaws
Mexico – Souther Hillman Furay
Love Me Somebody – Bad Company

Granted it's not perfect, but the only real "miss" (IMHO) is "Rain In Spain".  Which is a fine song, but not a good fit for this playlist. 

The image here is the album covers from the bands that have 3 songs in the list (Top Row), or 2 songs (bottom row).  That represents just over 2/3 of the playlist.

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