Tuesday, January 13, 2015

8/365 - The Samuel Chamberlain Band - I'm A Scientist

Regulars know that I've done a couple of "mock" album covers in the past.  And that I recently started a "photo-a-day" project.  Well, today the two have combined, as I found an album-cover-challenge on the site.  This version has you use a random wikipedia site for the Group Name, and a random quite for the Album Title.

In this case, Wikipedia gave me "Samuel Chamberlain", I added "The" and "Band"..   And The Quotations Page gave me "...I'm A Scientist'"...  The photo is an abstract, taken through my frosted car windo this morning.  With a helthy dose of effects.

So, what kind of music would this be?  My first thought was something Jazz-Fusion.  But maybe play off the Scientist angle (She Blinded Me With Science?)...  Or go the "prog" route (The Revealing Science Of God?)...?

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