Thursday, January 15, 2015

Throwback Thursday #42019 - BP Revisited

From sometime in 2002 through the early 2008, I was pretty active at   It was a fun site, it inspired my "rejuvination" in photography, and I met a lot of cool people.  But, for me at least, it kind of ran its course.  Now, in the spirit of throwback, I figured to post some of my favorite images from those days.

originally shot in early 2005, but posted to BP in December of that year:

Details of my Daughter's French Horn.   I'm still pretty proud of this image, certainlt qualifies as a favorite.  Plus it won a second place at BP
This was taken with my Nikon D-70 DSLR.  Wonderful camera, I still miss it...

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John Roberts said...

Wow, BP seems like such ancient history to me now.