Thursday, January 29, 2015

Throwback Thursday #42033 - BP Revisited

From sometime in 2002 through the early 2008, I was pretty active at   It was a fun site, it inspired my "rejuvination" in photography, and I met a lot of cool people.  But, for me at least, it kind of ran its course.  Now, in the spirit of throwback, I figured to post some of my favorite images from those days.

 A real oldie, originally shot back in summer of 1981.  

Taken in October 2004 at Spokane River Park, not too far south of Spokane WA.  Maybe 0.5 miles downstream from here.  I used to get to Spokane every year for a business conference.  I could usually mangae a couple hours at some point during the week for an excursion.  I'm sure I posted this one a couple of times, hoping to get recognized.  This one's still out there at BP, even though it didn't get any formal recognition...

This is a particular favorite of mine, but never received any recognition at BP.


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