Sunday, January 04, 2015

Various One (circa 1981)

This shouldn't surprise anyone who knows me:  in my youth, I used to make "mix" tapes,  Starting back in my pre-teen days, recording songs off the radio on a handheld cassette deck.  Kinda like this:

Those tapes were life-savers trips to visit relatives, my lifeline through the mono earpieces.  It's a habit I still have, and longtime readers of this blog will have seen several playlists published here.  ANYWAY:  I was cleaning the basement over the weekend, and found one of the mix tapes from my college days.  Based on the tunes, it is around 1981.  Labeled "Various One", the tunes are:

Side A
Don't Ever Say Goodbye - Rick Derringer / Baltimore - Randy Newman / Seagull - Bad Company / Sitting Here In Limbo - Jimmy Cliff / Toulouse Street - Doobie Brothers / Autumn - Edgar Winter Group / Pinball - Brian Protheroe / Time Table - Genesis / 1967 - Tom Robinson / Forever Autumn - Justin Hayward / Lovebird - John Entwistle / I Feel Good Today - The dB's

Side B
I Never Dreamed - Lynyrd Skynyrd / Wish I Had Not Said That - J.J. Cale / Tenderness On The Block - Warren Zevon / It's Different for Girls - Joe Jackson / All Mixed Up - The Cars / Casa Dega - Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers / Snowblind Friend / Steppenwolf / Early In The Morning - Harry Nilsson / I Laughed - The Hank Band / The Porpoise Song - The Monkees / Dream Weaver - Gary Wright / Dance (While The Music Still Goes On) - ABBA / Right Between the Eyes - Crosby Stills and Nash

Predictably, I have recreated the playlist on my iPod.  But I also made a version on Spotify, with all but 4 of the songs.  Check it out if you're a Spotify type person:

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