Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Closer Every Day

Regular readers know that I don't do a lot of Macro, and often I'm less that thrilled with my results.  BUT....   As I've been participating in the 365project (49 days in), I've been shooting more.  And (I like to think) improving.

What do you think?  (click through for larger version)


That's 12 of my first 49 posts, a whopping  24.5%.  And I actually like most of these...  But the prevalence of music themes probably helps...

Of course, it all comes back to how you define macro...  For my purposes, I'm including anything that is "life size" or larger when displayed.  And, in the concept of 365project, I'm displaying images at 900x600 pixels (or equivalent) on my 22" diagonal monitor.  Using my handy-dandy tape measure, that's right at 10" on the 900 pixel length...   Yes it's arbitrary, but deal with it. 

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