Friday, May 29, 2015


I've been digging on old buildings lately.  Like here, here, here.  I think it all started (this time) with the Armour Meat Packing Plant (here).

This is along Rt. 3 headed from East. St. Louis towards Brooklyn, IL.  A cozy little commercial building, and it is for sale!  As the ad says, "LOCATION-LOCATION-LOCATION".  This building is just under 2 miles (straight line) from the St. Louis arch.  I'd love to know the history of this place.  One real estate link says it was built in 1910, Another says this stretch of Rt. 3 was part of Rt.66 from 1929 through 1937.  I imagine it's seen a lot over the past 100+ years.

From Google Earth, here's a view of the immediate area:

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