Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Everything Is Kinda All Right

Happy birthday to Charlie Daniels!  Charlie Daniels was born 10/28/1936, so he's 79 years old today!  If you don't know, he's a "onetime Nashville session musician who built a strong bridge between rock and pure country, playing both with authority."  

While Charlie Daniels' career spans 50+ years, I'm a fan of his  mid 70's output with the Charlie Daniels band.  Well, technically 1975 through 1980.    Most notably the 4 albums released in  years (November 1974 through November 1976):

 Yes, CDB was the probably most "rednecky" of the southern rock bands, and they sometimes overdid the gold-old-boy bit.  But they were also a solid band, blending rock, blues country, and more.  And excellent live, I had the chance to see them a few times.   CDB was certainly one of my favorite bands of my mid teens, and I still enjoy them.

That said, the trio of late 70's albums (Midnight Wind, Million Mile Reflections, Full Moon Fever) always seemed to be steps down for me, and I more or less lost track of them.

Anyway, I've been listening to CDB today, and want to wish Charlie Daniels a  HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 

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