Friday, November 06, 2015

Good Times, Bad Times - October 2015

So, I've been thinking...  Earlier this week, I had posted a chart of my October posts to 365Project, and listed my 3 favorite images from the month.  Then I posted an image yesterday that I kind of don't like.   The good part of a 365Project is that it keeps photography in the front of the mind, and leads to pushing boundaries.  The bad side is that sometimes you post less that perfect images, just to keep up..

SO:  I decided to take the "favorites from the month" concept, and include "unfavorites from the month".  I think I'll go back to January, and work through the year, as occasional posts.

BUT, since I just posted my favs for October, what're my least favorites?  As a reminder, here's the month in overview:

 So, what 3 do I not like?
A technically flawed photo that I tried to save with effects.
- - -

I'm not sure I could've caught a worse expression on the young lady....
- - - 

 I'll give myself high marks for trying to be creative.  But poor implementation.  Once again, tried to save with effects.

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