Sunday, August 21, 2016

What Would YOU Do?

So, over at the 365project site (where I've been kind of stagnant lately), they run challeges.  One that I especially like is called What Would You Do?  In that, a person posts an image, and folk edit it to their tastes.  The poster then selects 4 or 5 finalists, and people vote.

Anyway, I won WWYD #143 and was thus responsible for # 144.  I decided to take something old and see what folk would do.  This was from my high school days, shot with my trusty Canon TX on Ektachrome slide film.  Scanned 10-12 years ago

Over 2 weeks, there were 15 entries of people editing this imahe.  Some pretty basic, some quite involved.  Check here to see all the entries. Voting is still ongoing, you can see the finalists and the votes here.

Meanwhile (and after the contest closed) I added my own version, call it "What I Did".  Pretty mundane, but I like it:

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