Sunday, September 25, 2016

David Cook / Tyler Boone

So; last night (9/24/2016) we went to see David cook at Blueberry Hill over in St. Louis...  We've lived in the St. Louis area over 25 years, and this is the first time I've been to Blueberry Hill, or even the Delmar Loop area.  Only 35 minutes from where we live, but a world away...

My son is a big David Cook fan, starting way back when he was on American Idol (still the only season of AI any of us have paid attention to).  So we have all his albums...  And when we saw he was coming to town, we'll we had to make it happen.  The show was in the Duck Room, a cozy space in the basement that accomodates 340 people.  Note that "accomodate", not seats...  Standing Room Only, which was a bit of a challenge for us old folk....

I didn't realize until mid afternood that there would be a warm-up act:  Tyler Boone.  But thanks to youtube, I had an idea what to expect.  He played just himself and his guitar...  and manned his merchandise table before and after.  We had to pick up a copy of his latest EP:  True Experience.  
He played a good set, about 40 minutes.

David Cook, of course, had his full band. And they played an excellent set.  Not surprisingly, he didn't play anything from his American Idol days...  The music was great, and he (and his band) were clearly having fun.

Between 1976 and 1987 I went to lots of concerts.  But after we had kids, I kind of fell out of the habit.  But over the past 4-5 years, as my son reached his teen years, we've been ramping back up.  And I'm realling enjoying it,

We've seen:  TobyMac/Chris August/Janie Grace,  Weird Al Yankovick, The Piano Guys, Firefall, Boston/BlueOyster Cult...  And we'll be seeing Al Stewart / Gary Wright next month. All good stuff.


photowannabe said...

One of our past worship leaders from our church just began his tour with David Cook.

Jeffery Scott plays a mean guitar. Think he was at this venue.

fun to see you back enjoying the acts live.

LSqrd said...

I beleive Davd Cook introduced him as Jeffery, so it must be the same guy. And he played a mean guitar (and keyboards).

That's really super cool!