Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Triumvirat - Startacus

 For many years, I’ve had a thing about less known musical artists.  Maybe it is the elitist snob in me…  Or just an appreciation for sounds that are a little less well know.  (Not to imply that I don’t like things that are popular, anybody who has seem my Top 40 posts knows that’s not true).
Anyway, I thought I’d start a series on some of the lesser known music in my collection  And for the first entry, I’ll select  a new addition to my collect, but an oldie:  Triumvirat – Spartacus. 

 I’ll rate this one pretty high on the “obscure” scale.  After all, their biography on Allmusic is 8 words” German '70s art rock band à la Focus”   Triumvirat was a progressive rock band, in the spirit of Emerson Lake And Palmer.  A trio (as the name would suggest) very focused on keyboards.
My introduction to Triumvirat came through one of my friends (Rob Posner – RIP) with the Spartacus album.  I don’t remember if the album was his, or belonged to one of his brothers, but I remember listening to it at his house when I was around 15 years old.  At some point through high school / college, I had forgotten about them.  Then it took a while for me to remember their name (“you know, that prog-rock band with a mouse in a light bulb on the record cover…  Tri-something”). I think I found them through an internet site on greatest prog rock bands of all time.  And not long ago, I decided to look for a listen on the internet.  And then a buy!  Other than remembering the band name, it is all so much easier than it was in the 70’s and 80’s!

So, bottom line:  If you like ELP, you’ll probably like Triumvirate.  In fact, lots of Spartacus sounds (to me) like ELP music sung by Peter Gabriel!  And that’s not a bad thing.  Good Stuff!

So, check it out:

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