Monday, November 28, 2016

iPhone 7 Panoramas - Florida Style

So, just back from a Thanksgiving trip to Florida, visiting one of my kids (and family).  Good trip, and quite a few (hopefully) good images to process.  Here's a couple of panoramas shot with my iPhone 7.  Straight-out-of-camera (sooc) except for resizing.  I'm rather impressed with the quality of these, it is quite rare for me to allow un-tweaked images to be seen....

Lake Monroe (St. John's River), Sanford, Florida. 
This is from in front of the New Tribes Mission building, looking west towards the Monroe Harbour marina.

- - -
Ormond Beach, Florida
Looking south.  This was less than an hour after low tide, so we had a lot of beach to play on...

- - -

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