Friday, November 04, 2016


OK...  I generally avoid politics here...  Come to think of it, I generally avoid politics on all social media.  Because there's no actual discourse anymore.  Evidence below (with no comparative judgements intended):

I was browsing facebook feed a bit ago, and came across this post shared by a friend:

And about a dozen posts down, here's a post from a different friend:

Now.  I didn't click through to either site, because I know that there's a 99.9999999% chance that there's little "real" about either report, only highly slanted innuendo, rumors, wishes or downright lies.  I'll wager good money that neither friend even read the articles before sharing.

I do have to note the irony of a site that's clearly partisan naming themselves "bipartisan report"....  This group may be a lot of things, but "bipartisan" certainly isn't one of them. At least the second site "viral liberty" doesn't give that false impression.  Not to vouch for their content, all I see is the headlines (since I never click through).

C'mon people, is this any way to behave?  Does anybody really think that these kind of articles sway the folks on the other side?  Or fire up their own folk??  Or what? We need to all lead by example, stay out of the gutters, and avoid the hyperbole and hysterics.  Please?

I remember when people could disagree respectfully...  then again, maybe we didn't have to be quite so defensive about our options.  #getoffmylawn

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