Friday, December 30, 2016

2016 - The Year In (MY) Music

Well, it is that time, when folks look back over the previous year, and reflect.  I figured to chime in.  I'll do something photography related later, but here's a look back from a music perspective:

Live Music:  I went to 3 concerts in 2016.  That's actually more than I have since the 70's and 80's, before "real life" intruded.  Concerts included:

  • Boston / Blue Oyster Cult / Gary Hoey at Family Arena, St. Charles, MO  6/3/2016  more here
  • David Cook / Tyler Boone at The Duck Room (Blueberry Hill), St. Louis, MO 9/24/2016  more here
  • Al Stewart / Gary Wright / The Empty Pockets at The Wildey Theater, Edwardsville IL 11/11/2016  more here
 Recorded Music:  I added 307 songs to my iPod in 2016.  That's just 4 more than 2015, but about 1/3 the yearly average from 2009 through 2014.  But the reality is that my collection is largely transferred to digital, so that's expected.  I did add a good chunk of music (albums and individual songs) from each of the acts seen live (except for Gary Hoey).  And several albums for/from my son (The Fratellis, Oskar Schuster, David Cook)

Other albums purchased (in alphabetical order):
Over a quarter of the new music was "onsie-twosie".  This included the typically random stuff.  Mostly from the 60's though 80's. Interesting, no Classical or Jazz this year.... .... .... nor folk / bluegrass...  hmmmm.  That surprises me.

Playing Music:   I'm still playing (bass) with our Church praise band.  Probably 45 Sundays, more or less.  Usually 4 or 5 songs / week.  We did NOT play any special events this year, though.  And I didn't do anything outside that group.

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