Friday, April 21, 2017

World Inside Out - with poeple we may not like...

Yep, it's another Album Cover Challenge fro 365project.  This was my entry for the 78th challenge, uploaded a couple of weeks ago.  It made finalist, and is in the votong for winner (but not doing well....)

Anyway, I decided to make a playlist:  using song that mention "people".   Like the mix tapes I used to make "back in the day".  A little eclectic, and playing on my iPod as I type:

  • What Kind OfPeople Are They  -  John Entwistle
  • Shower The People  -  James Taylor
  • All Good People  -  Yes
  • Rainy Day People  -  Gordon Lightfoot
  • Capsule (Hello People A Hunderd Years From Now)  -  Michael Nesmith
  • Lonely People  -  America
  • Games People Play  -  Alan Parsons Project
  • Too Many People  -  Paul McCartney
  • People Got To Be Free  -  Rascals
  • People Lie  -  JJ Cale
  • People Gotta Move  -  Gino Vanelli
  • Shiny Happy People  -  R.E.M.
  • Short People  -  Randy Newman
  • People Taking Pictures Of Each Other  -  Kinks
  • People's Parties  -  Joni Mitchell
  • People Will Be Tired  -  Stephen Jay
  • Two Fine People  -  Cat Stevens
  • People Are Strange  -  Doors
  • Jesus Hearted People  -  Atlanta Rhythm Section
  • Everyday People  -  Sly & Family Stone

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