Wednesday, July 26, 2017

And The Road Goes On Forever...

Just back from a 2 week road trip, sorry for the lack of posting.  But I have lots of images to plow through. 

So, 2 weeks.  2,600+ miles across 9 states (plus miles at the various stops).  Something like this:

We visited 6 different universities, and Cape Cod.  Family and friends, and a quick stop in the town where my family lived 100+ years ago.  A good week.  A busy a week.  But a tiring week.

To start the images, here's a shot of the beach in Chatham, Mass, on Cape Cod.  A humble panorama from my iPhone:

 I rather like this, although there's a funny spot where the panning struggled with the wave action.  I probably shouldn't have pointed that out, huh?

And for giggles, a version tweaked using "Brushstroke" on my iPad:

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