Sunday, July 09, 2017


I just posted a "Throwback" yesterday, but I'm doing it again.  Because I want to.

The backstory:  This morning, I was trying to pick a good throwback image for my 365project site.  Well, my wife and son just recently passed through WV,  which has had me in a bit of a mountain mood. So I dug back and found this one from late June 2006:

Which fits my mood quite nicely.  And meshes well with the Johnny Staats music that's playing as I type this.

All of which leads to my next delimma...  I don't rememeber exactly where this image was taken.  We had visited Milligan College earlier in the day (which my younger daughter was considering).  That's outside Johnson City TN.  We ended the day in Asheville, NC.  Google maps says it's just over an hour drive on the interstate.  But we didn't take the interstate...  or at least not the whole way. Looking at photo time tags, this spot was 2 hours later than the last photo at Milligan.

BUt, with a little digging, and the wonders of the internet, I was able to figure it out.  The key was this photo, taken just 1/2 hour earlier:

google image search identifies that as Flat Top Manor,  along the Blue Ridge Parkway (Near Blowing Rock, NC). And about 40 minutes after the mountain photo, there's some images from Linville Falls area:

Now, google tells me that the drive from Flat Top Manor (Moses Cone Memorial Park) to Linville Falls is 39 minutes.  So that all fits.  Last bit:  The key photo was take 12 minutes before an image of Grandfather Mountain, presumably taken from the Grandfather Mountain Overlook...

SO:  I'm satisfied that the mountains photo is taken from the Green Mountain Overlook.  Or very close to it.

NOW, you make think all of that digging was silly.  And pointless.  But it makes me happy to know.  Now I should add a tag to the photo, so that I don't have to do the same process in another 10 years!

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TheChieftess said...

Lovely layers of shadow...I love photos with layers like this!