Saturday, March 11, 2006


As I've noted here before, Blondie gets inducted to the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame on Monday (3/13). While I like a lot of their earlier stuff, I've always considered them more about style than substance. They sealed that perception in my mind when I saw them in concert, way back in the '79/'80 time frame. This was at the Stanley Theater in Pittsburgh, PA, a great venue for concerts. But they were really bad, certainly one of the most disappointing concerts I've been to. They came off as sloppy, and half-hearted, at best. The highpoint (lowpoint?) came at the end, when the drummer jumped over the drum-kit, grabbed a mike and yelled "Pittsburgh Sucks!" before heading offstage. Class act.

SOOOO, I thought the article in todays Yahoo News was pretty interesting. From an interview about the Hall of Fame:
Debbie Harry (vocals): I don't know if we were ever terrifically talented or technical musicians.
Chris Stein (guitar): It's funny, because I wonder what the f**k we sounded like back in the old days. It was probably pretty wretched. I know it was pretty rude....
Clem Burke (drums), - we may not have been the greatest live band, but we were experimenting with different ways of presenting ourselves.

Whatever; they're Hall of Fame material.......


Ol' Froth said...

I like Blondie, but Hall of Fame??

Oh, I got a Nikon D 50. Now I gotta figure out how to use it.

LSqrd said...

You weren't at that Bondie show at the Stanley, were you?? IIRC it was a "Reallys" outing, but I don't think we brought the roadies.....qnuazr

Congratulations on the D-50, from what I've heard it's a good camera. Basically a stripped down D-70, though I don't know what they took out... That'll be a big step up from what you have been using!