Monday, March 13, 2006

Rock n Roll Hall of Fame

Tonight is the induction ceremonies for the class of 2006. Wonder who'll show up?? Sabbath, Skynyrd, Sex Pistols and Blondie. Sex Pistols have already said they won't attend (less politely, of course), Ozzy has been ticked for years about being overlooked, and 4/7th of (the original) Skynyrd is dead..... I'm sure Blondie will be there... Can't imagine Billy Powell missing out.... Looks like it will be rebroadcast (highlights) next Tuesday on VH1. Think I'll play some Skynyrd in their honor tonight!!


Jonathan S. said...

I'm guessing Miles Davis won't be there in that he's dead.



LSqrd said...

I should've included M.D. in my post. I really like his music, but don't exactly consider it "rock and roll"....

Here's a rundown of the event: