Sunday, April 09, 2006

Bluebird (of Happiness?)

Not a great shot, but a real live bluebird, spotted yesterday at the Watershed Nature Center.
Listen to my bluebird laugh, She can't tell you why.
Deep within her heart, you see, She knows only crying. Just crying.
There she sits, a lofty perch. Strangest color blue.
Flying is forgotten now. Thinks only of you. Just you.
So, get all those blues, Must be a thousand hues.
And be just differently used. You just know.
You sit there mesmerized By the depth of those eyes
That you can't categorize. She got soul.
She got soul. She got soul. She got soul!
Do you think she knows you? Do you think at all?
Soon she's going to fly away. Sadness is her own.
Reverse of a death of tears And go home, and go home.
. . .
(Buffalo Springfield)


Sherry P said...

i love the picture with the lyrics!

buffalo springfield, oh my!

(college, oh my as well, i'm glad my daughter's done with that! 6 years a masters and more paperwork than i every imagined, probably a forrest's worth! she burned it all and the student loan paperwork from over the years after she paid it off! that was a happy day!)

have you ever seen the print called "mad bluebird?" the expession on that bluebird's face just says it all!

LSqrd said...

I've never heard of "mad bluebird", but a quick google-images came up with this:

He (she?) sure looks grumpy!

Sherry P said...

i can't get that , but it's probably the same one. by michael l. smith. they sell prints and pillows and coasters etc. of the grumpy little fellow. i've never seen a bird with a more human expression. he's a pistol!