Monday, June 12, 2006


On this date (6/12) in 1998, John Fogerty canceled the first date of his U.S. tour because it conflicted with Game 5 of the NBA Finals, between the Chicago Bulls and the Utah Jazz. Fogerty claimed "When we realized just what this day might mean to the folks in Chicago, it only made sense to postpone the show. Besides, it gives the band and me a chance to catch the game, too." ( I presume the show was scheduled in CHicago, but it didn't say.

On an almost complete aside, way back in college, I was working crowd control for a Marshall Tucker concert, on Super Bowl Sunday. I thought it was "way cool", they had a projection-TV set up back stage for the roadies to watch the 49ers beat Cincinnati (1/24/82). Especially cool since I was working backstage! But the band stayed on the bus, and watched it there, delaying their start till the game wound down...

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