Tuesday, June 13, 2006

In God We trust?

Well, I usually try and avoid politics and religion in this forum, and save my controversial viewpoints for other forums . But, this made me think of a song I like, so I decided to run with it…. I heard a news report this morning, in which noted atheist Michael Newdow's lawsuit challenging the phrase “In God We trust” on US currency was thrown out of a Federal Court in California yesterday. Typically for our system, this was not an end, but a beginning, a necessary step in Newdow’s quest towards the “famed” 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. His comment on the verdict: “it's even better than I had hoped for” sorta says it all.

Not to get too philosophical, but I tend towards the libertarian viewpoint. And while I’m troubled by the apparently rising anti-Christian sentiment in many areas of society; whatever it says on our money doesn’t have any influence on my personal faith. Most importantly, the discussion made me think about the Lynyrd Skynyrd song “Can’t Take that Away”. This is the “post crash” version of the band, from their 1993 album “The Last Rebel”.

What can they all be thinkin', Wanna' take the cross off of the hill
Put away the pledge of allegiance, Lord, just the thought gives me a chill
They can take God off our money but, in the end 'o ain't it funny
How we're all gonna see him on the judgment day?
So sing it loud:

One more time, Hear what you say
When you got the truth inside, now they can't take that away
One more time , 'Cause it ain't too late
Hold on to what you believe 'cause thay can't take that
they can't take that away


Sherry P said...

i never saw it as anti- christian, i think the "in god we trust" lawsuits are a silly waste of time and money, but hey, someone has to keep those kazillion lawyers working! ; )

i can live with that generic pharase about god(frankly i wish they'd have put"in god we trust, not you!" on money.)

i think that "anti-chritian" is just spin. in a country that is majorly christian and one in which you can belong to any faith you choose and bring up your children in the faith you choose, that it's silly sounding to paint things like this as anti -christian.

yes, there are people that don't believe in anything after death, that's their right as well, some may be anti -christian, just as some faiths bash each other, but
until i (hopefully not) see christians being jailed or worse and forced underground as they are and have been in other countries, i think it's sort of whiny(not you)
to say a lawsuit is anti- christian. i do like the song tho!
funny in a way, you can be hard drinking, dope taking sex crazed and bigoted( not talking about the singers here, have no idea what they are like)in this country, but boy, still praise god and think you're a fine upstanding god fearing mom and apple pie, american, just my little rant, been a stressful morning. : )

LSqrd said...

See, this is why I try and avoid such discussions in this forum.

But when the Christian group at my kids' High School is not allowed to put up flyers in the same manner that every other club can.... Well, that's a problem to me. When kids in Mississippi burning Churches is accepted as "a joke that got out of hand" rather than a hate crime... that's a problem to me. When governments allow Holiday displays of everything EXCEPT a Nativity, that's a problem to me. And when liberal blogs (at least 1 of which we both frequent) combine "conservative" with "Christian" to create the highest possible insult... well, I have a problem with that.

And, as I noted in my original post: "whatever it says on our money doesn’t have any influence on my personal faith"

LSqrd said...

Ripped from the headlines:
US Appeals Court: Schools Can Ban Nativity Display While Allowing Menorah and Islamic Crescent


Sherry P said...

yes and that sucks! believe me, i think it does. either we let any religion put up public displays or none.
and you prove what i said when you say that whatever is printed on money will have no impact on your personal faith. it shouldn't.it doesn't affect me either. but i wonder, think of what it would feel like if things were different and christianity was not the majority religion in this country. if it was some other deity's name on money, some other religion's tenents on courthouses(that doesn't bother me overmuch either, if it has been there for a long period of time )if it was just a "given" that every major holiday the tv would have cute little charlie brown/grinch/ cartoons and the stores would be running sales and the newspapers would be featuring recipes and heartwarming little stories for and about people that didn't believe as you did.
i'm not saying that christians would be oppressed, just marginalized. it make you think doesn't it? it makes me think.

as to the little criminals, those jackass church burners. throw the book at them says me! i'll bet tho, if we were from around the area, we'd find that the little cretins have influental parents or are the school jocks!

i do have a problem with ANY religious clubs in a public school, that would be ANY religion.

frankly, i don't want my kid subject to "recruiting" by any religion. until they are 18 and legally an adult, their religious upbringing is a parent's responsiblity. and you know, as well as i that a big part of the christian faith is to bring others to Jesus and peer pressure is a big deal.

think, do you want the hari krishnas to have access to your children? the mormons? if you are catholic, do you want your kid to be a baptist?

so i'd rather, no religious clubs in public school, there are youth groups a plenty in every faith.

my parents, tho far from well off managed to send my sister and myself to st. scho's. that was their choice. if it's a caring parrish or what have you, i'm sure there would be help to send any kid there or to sunday school or ccd classes. : )