Friday, September 22, 2006

Fire On The Mountain

Ok, I'm pumped. I just snagged a CD copy of Charlie Daniels Band's classic 1974 album "Fire On The Mountain" off eBay. It's used, but I'm feeling really good about getting it for $15.78 (including shipping). I started w/ iTunes, but they only have it partial, without the songs "Caballo Diablo" and "Feeling Free". That won't do.

So I ordered it on Amazon. After 3 months of waiting, they finally gave up this week, said they can't find it. So, off to eBay. This was actually the 2nd auction I bid on, snagged it with a last minute bid... Really, I'm thrilled, listening to my beat up vinyl even now.
I'll always remember when I discovered this album, on a mid-teens trip to WV to see my old best friend (Ned R.) from my hometown (Charleston). He had recently discovered this album, and introduced me. IIRC I returned the favor by introducing hem to Skynyrd. Lots of playing pool, digging the tunes and just hanging out. Good stuff. I haven't heard from Ned in probably 15 years. Seems I've let most of the people from my youth drift away.... sigh.

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