Monday, July 09, 2007

Once Upon A Time

Once upon a time, not so many years ago, there were dozens of viable airline companies in the USA. But after airline deregulation in the late 70’s a long slow wave of mergers and acquisitions led to our current state of a few, generally-struggling behemoths. Meanwhile, Piedmont was one of the first airlines I remember, a primary server to Charleston, WV, where I spent the first decade of my life. This DC-3 (a bit before my time, though I did ride a really old one in the late 60’s) was at the air show this weekend. What airlines do you remember/miss?? Ozark and Allegheny? Or even biggies like PanAm, Eastern, and TWA… Oh well, I got a kick out of seeing the Piedmont colors again….



photowannabe said...

Its hard to believe so many good airlines are gone now. I show my age when I remember flying all of those years ago.
Great shot of nostalgia.

John Roberts said...

Good photos of a classic airplane. The colors ares vibrant without looking overdone. It's amazing that there are quite a few of these planes still in service around the world, considering that the first one flew in 1935.

Sherry said...

wow, those names take me back!