Tuesday, August 14, 2007

During our recent vacation to Ky’s Land-Between-The-Lakes, we found a great little joint called Belew’s Dairy Bar. It is easy to imagine little has changed since 1951. With curbside service, or outdoor picnic tables, and great all-American food…. We opted for the patio service, since we had 7 of us… I was really struck by the menu-boards, with “Sanka” coffee, and the "Dan Quayle" spelling of potatoe (and tomatoe). But if you prefer the “other” spellings (potato and tomato), just move down to the next sign!

And what exactly does it mean by “Closed Tuesdays (except Holidays)”. If the 4th of July falls on Tuesday, will they be open?? Never mind… just remember. if you’re ever in Aurora, KY, you owe it to yourself to check out Belew’s!! GOOD Stuff.


Sherry said...

that's just too good!

photowannabe said...

This must be the small town standard of the US. Amazing prices. One won't find those here where I live, that's for sure.

Kari said...

Small world. I was looking for some random picture today for work and saw this post about my parents' restaurant. My grandparents started it...The pictures wouldn't show up, however and I wondered what they were? If you get this, I'd love for you to send them to me if at all possible via email possibly. karidianaunderhill@gmail.com

Thanks SO much. And yes, closed Tuesday means if 4th of July falls on a Tuesday, we will be open :)