Tuesday, September 25, 2007


I received a "care package" from Tuscon today... The latest and greatest from Brain Damage Records. After 23 years, the band USA has released another record!! USA is one of the brainchilds of my former roomate, F. Scott. In fact, if you check out the USA website, you'll notice that the bass player for the 1983 incarnation of USA is credited as L^2 ... as in LSquared. And yes, I'm in that 1983 picture... And while I have even less to do with the 2007 recording, it is still worth checking out. It's not boring!!


photowannabe said...

Nope its certianly not boring. Not my era of music I guess but I can take it in smal doses. Are you playing on the lastest CD? It is a great bass part.

Sherry said...

cool. yes, cool.

LSqrd said...

Unfortunately, I didn't have anything to do with the new USA album. I didn't even know about it until it showed up in the mail!! I actually only played on about 1/2 of the first album, IIRC.