Tuesday, January 22, 2008

By Request:

John, from My Viewfinder, asked for B&W versions of a couple of the shots posted Sunday. Well, if it is B&W you want, all you have to do is ask! I didn’t do B&W originally, because I was concerned about the somewhat muddle lighting. But I gave it a shot, What do y’all think?? :


Sherry said...

the first is almost spooky. like a road thru some sort of mystic land.
one step from the road and some "thing" MIGHT GET YOU!

John Roberts said...

I think they both work well in B&W. You're right, things get a little "muddled" in the shadow areas, but I know that could be tweaked. The snow on the tree trunks could be dodged to open that area up a little. Same on the shadow are on the road picture. But the composition of both photos gives them that "this could be a great one" potential.

photowannabe said...

Don't know any of the tecnical terms for photo fixing but my eye likes these black and white shots especially the first one with the great perspective.