Saturday, January 05, 2008

Purple Montains Majesty

I was flying across the country the other day, and noticed a really cool scene out the window. I dug out my camera and snapped a couple images. Unfortunately I don’t know where this is. Probably an hour or so shy of Seattle, coming out of St. Louis.

Not too bad, INMO. Considering it’s from an airplane window. You can discern the vapor trail coming off the wing in the B&W image (about 2/3 of the way up)….


photowannabe said...

spectacular shots from the air. Isn't it frustrating to not know where you are when looking out that window? Lots of snow makes for great pictures.

Sherry said...

in could have never gotten pics from an airplane window. terrific!

Anonymous said...


This reminds me of the hundreds of miles of the same view between Seattle and Anchorage. Hey, if you come up and visit sometime, you will have several hours of such a view if you fly during the day and the weather cooperates!