Tuesday, January 01, 2008


I love the simplicity of Nature, and the gifts of small moments.... This was taken in my front yard, Christmas morning. I had stepped out for a break from the festivities. I heard the geese coming, and simply waited 10-15 seconds for them to appear… Of course, in a perfect world, I’d’ve used those seconds to check the camera settings. But I didn't, and the camera was on “Manual”, not “Automatic”. So the 8-10 pictures I fired off are mostly junk. I had to slap in a blue background to even make this one presentable. C’est La Vie, huh?? It was still a very cool moment, and I’m glad I was able to salvage this much of an image….


John Roberts said...

We see a "V" formation of geese occasionally here, but they are usually much smaller. This one is really a neat formation!

photowannabe said...

Great job of slapping on the blue background and catching the wonderful formation of the geese. Its always an awesome sight to me.