Sunday, May 25, 2008

Elk Creek Falls!

If you’re ever in the Pullman WA / Moscow ID area, a side trip to Elk Creek Falls is well worth the time. About 1.5 hours from Pullman, but a really nice drive. And a super place. Their sign says it all:

One of the things I often do with digital is take photos of signs. It helps me remember where I’ve been. And in this case, it actually gave me a handy (if not detailed) map during my wanderings. Granted, the display on the back of my camera isn’t quite huge, but I did refer to it a few times….

Elk Creek is a very cool spot. Complete with deep woods , grand vistas, and impressive waterfalls. Expect to see more images as I plug through the stack.

I didn't see another person during the couple of hours I spent tromping around (which suits me fine!). I did hear some people shouting when I was headed for the car, sounded like your typical noisy teenagers (I know, I was one once)... I also saw 2 cars arriving when I was leaving. Ah, the importance of getting up and moving in the mornings!

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