Sunday, August 15, 2010

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

You might remember my post last Saturday with some random images from my commute.  This noted that the road (Illinois Rt 159) is being expanded though Collinsville.  Anyway, Tuesday last week I noticed one of the "by order of IDOT - scheduled for destruction" signs on this cool little bungalo house.  Seems kind of a shame, but that's life, huh.  No sign on the little blue house next door, but you gotta figure it's history, too.

So the very next day, it is being torn down...  And by Thursday, it was gone (see below).  I'm of mixed feelings, as a commuter, doubling the capacity of the road will make my commute easier.  But I have to see this neighborhood bulldozed (literally) in the name of progress....  Like the song goes, "I can see the concrete slowly creeping"

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Jenny P. said...

No good. I have a little place in my heart for cute bungalows. And, you have to deal with the joys of construction for... ever... before you get the benefits of a better road. I'd keep the houses :(