Friday, August 06, 2010


OK, This is different.  Seen on a bass-player's internet forum:
Take text, translate English to Japanese , then translate back Japanese to English...

Here's the previous post about Obama's birthday:
Barak Obama' where is today; The birthday… of s president Side Poitics makes the most important problem of this president, this me remember. It is, this rather than there being I, is young first American president. 406 days ago which have me as for Barak Obama the crushing blow which is born. And that by any means is not the right

I'm not sure if that's cool, or stupid.  Or both.

Doing the same process w/ Spanish gives a closer result:
The today is birthday of president Barak Obama… Poitics to a side, this remembers the most significant problem to me with this president. Yep, this one is the first president of the USA NEVER, who is younger than I am. Barak Obama was born incredible 406 days before it was. And that hardly correct one.

Actually, it did pretty well with most languages, including Chinese.  Wonder why?

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