Sunday, November 07, 2010

Bucks & Does

So, yesterday, during my son's guitar lesson, I decided to pop over to Watershed Nature Center.  I haven't been to WNC is quite a while, but mainly it was because I can olny drool over Mojos' selection of bass gitars so many Saturdays....   I figured I could grab a few quick shots and get back.  Stuff like this:

Or like this:

Wait... there's a deer!!!!

Pretty cool, huh!  Below is another photo, zoomed in....  and cropped closer.  I stood as still as possible for a couple of minutes, waitng to see if it would move, but I lost that staring contest....

So I decided to continue along the path, try and circle to a better angle.  This involved going past a dense thicket.  When I got to the other side, I found the buck:

WAY cool!  I was probably only 30-35 yards away, could've easily hit him between the eyes w/ a football toss.  Not that I'd throw a football at a deer, but that is what popped into my mind.  That buck isn't skinny, or small.  I think it was 8 points?

Anyway, it was pretty cool, even though neither would strink a great pose in the short time I had....

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