Monday, November 08, 2010

Taxed Enough Already?

So, I was looking at my phone bill today.  Not the cell phones, the old-fashioned land line.  And I was noticing at just how many adders there are.  Taxes??  Yep, Federal, state and municipal, a whopping 16.4% addition. 

But that's just the start.  How about "Surcharges and Other Fees"?  For example:
  • IL Universal Service Fee - ... to provide support to rural telecommunications carriers operating in high cost areas of the state in order to maintain affordable rates to end users.
  • Federal Universal Service Fee - ...assures the availability of universal service at rates that are just, reasonable and affordable, and to provide for reasonably comparable service and rates between rural and urban areas...  This charge is not a tax.
So we have "...programs funded by manditory contributions", but these fees aren't taxes...  Even though "carriers can and often do pass these costs to their customers".  Not to mention why the state and the federal government are both levying taxes fees for the same "benefit"....
Ah, but it goes on an on:  9 individual taxes, surcharges or fees.  If you add up all of the various fees, surcharges and taxes, it comes up to over 25% addition to the actual services.


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