Saturday, January 22, 2011

Pinewood Derby Pt. 2

We had a great turnout at the pinewood derby today.  IIRC they announced there were 83 cars, more entries than we had scouts in the whole pack last year.  I always enjoy looking at the cars, the creativity....

And, of course wondering where the cars are on the parent:scout ratio....   What I mean of course is how much of the creativity (and building skills) is the parent(s) and how much is the kid.  Now, I'm a big believer in teamwork, and I've certainly been involved in the ceation of my son's cars.  But so has he, and I've tried to ensure he's more involved each you than the year before...  And hopefully learned a few engineering principles along the way...

This car, for example, is pretty cool.  But not really in the scope of what I expect from a 9 or 10 year old kid.  Or maybe he's a woodworking Mozart?

Especially compared to this car, which certainly appears to have a large component of "kid input".  Incidentally, the bottom car earned a trophy, the top car didn't.

Last image from the day, an "artsy" shot of the tropies.  There were 5 divisions (Tigers / Bears / Wolves / Webelows 1 / Webeloes 2).  Each division had a 1st through 4th trophy.  And Grand Champion (a matchup of the 5 winners).  And a "Cubs' Choice" (fan vote for coolest car), a "Best Paint Job" and a "Best SCout Theme".  Lots of hardware to go around!

My son didn't egt anything this year, but he has in the past.  In the 5 years he has a 1st, a 3rd and a "Cubs' Choice".  So he's done alright.

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