Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sting, Stang, Stung.....

I remember when when I first heard the Police.  It was early spring, 1979 (my freshman year of college), and "Roxanne" came on the radio.  And it reached out and grabbed me (and seemingly most of the guys in the dorm).  New and different and oh-so-cool.  I, of course, quickly bought the album, and it was a staple of my early college experience.  And as college progressed, I purchased each subsequent Police album.  But, it did seem that each album got played less than the predecessor.  And I never bought their last album on vinyl (Synchronicity, 1983).  And 25+ years later, they get played a lot less (by me) than other music of their time.  I think there's a couple of reasons, but the main one seems to be (IMHO) that each subsequent Police album had more peaks, but also more valleys.  Some of the stuff on the Synchronicity is not at all to my liking (Mother, Miss Gradenko, O My God, Tea In The Sahara))

Regardless, I've been listening to them over the past few days, and enjoying.

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