Tuesday, March 08, 2011

All Time Favorite?

This is certainly among my favorites, if not number 1,  I have a copy (5x7) on my desk at work.

This goes way, way, way back, to fall of 1977, my senior year of high school.  Taken during a backpacking trip on Tuscarora Ridge, in Central PA.  I know I've posted this several times, but I'll never tire of it.  The original was shot on slide film.  Somewhere along the way I got a 4x6 print made.  Several years ago, I scanned the print.  Now this is all I have.  I'm sure the slide is somewhere, but the question is where....  Tuscarora was one of our favorite locations back in my backpacking days, and this was one of our landmarks.

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Sharon Day said...

I've always liked this shot too, Larry!! Great find while backpacking. I miss the good old days when my husband and I were able to do that.