Saturday, May 07, 2011


Regular readers know that I frequently reference Rolling Stone's list of The 500 Greatest Songs of All Time.  This was published in December 2004.  Like any such list, I had my disagreements, but they tended to be minor.  I (predictable) made a playlist for my iPod, and I own 327 of the 500 songs.

Well, I just discovered that the folks at Rolling Stone did an update in May of 2010.  And I'm rather disappointed.  They changed 26 songs , mostly adding newcomers.  I had 16 of the 26 dropped, I don't know (much less own) any of the additions.

Question?  How can a song that was ranked 114th of all time best in 2004 be off the list in 2010?  Granted most of the dropped songs were in the botton 20% of the previous list, but several were in the top 1/2.  You can make a case for  the departure of "One Nation Under A Groove" or "By The Time I Get To Phoenix", but how can anyone justify dropping songs like Lola, Crossroads and Rhiannan ...  I could go on, but I'd rather sit and be grumpy....

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